Friday, November 25, 2011

Moving update and funny story

Well, Aaron made it through the move.  I have to say I was very concerned about how he would do because the last time we moved it was a disaster.  With him being older, and his parents knowing how to prepare him better, I think he ended up being okay.  He's been sleeping through the night and didn't start looking for ways to escape out of the backyard until today...Today he paced the backyard fence looking for the best way to get outta here!  Luckily we've become friends with the people who bought our old house, so if he shows up there they know how to get a hold of us!  :)

Anyhow--the funny story.  One of the reasons we moved was to spare our neighbors from a frequently naked 10 year-old (sparing them from the naked part that is).  Well new neighbors, here we are!  One of the things that drew us to our current house is there are no neighbors behind us, none on one side of us, and a rambler on the other side of us--theoretically no one can see in our backyard (and if I catch them, then I can report them).  HOWEVER...apparently windows are a different story.  Let me leave this part of the story, give you another story, and then I'll connect the two.

One of Aaron's favorite things about the new house is the master bathroom.  It has (in the words of a friend) "a party tub"--a nice, big corner soaking tub.  Aaron is a bath-taker.  That was the first thing he wanted to do, so he enjoyed the tub before anyone else.  The next night I told him it was time for bed and he ran into my bathroom and stripped down really fast.  I said, "do you want to take a shower?" (because I really didn't feel like sitting there while he took a bath) and he said, "bath".  Fine.  Well tonight I decide that I was going to try the "party tub" for the first time.  I get the candles lit, the bubbles in, and my Pure Moods music going when I hear "the boy" running down the hall to come into my bathroom.  I lock the door as fast as I can as I see him round the corner--selfish--I know--but it was MY TURN.  He could have his turn after I was done.

This is where the two pieces of information collide.  (Remember we were trying to get away from neighbors seeing a naked kid all the time).  There is a window on each side of the bathtub.  In the corner of the tub (between the two windows) is a seat.  Aaron doesn't want to step into the tub from the side, so he has to get to the corner so he can step down onto the seat.  There he is, standing on the side of the tub with his naked butt pressed up against the window as he slowly inches his way across the side to get to the corner of the tub--his rear end sliding across the window--a "full moon" for all of the neighbors to see.  I'm not sure how many neighbors were looking out their windows at that particular moment, but those who did....well...sorry for the unexpected show!!!  I just threw my hands in the air and gave a big "oh well"--welcome to the neighborhood!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Social Stories

So we're getting ready to move.  Hopefully Friday.  Any time a major even happens you need to prepare an autistic kid.  A major event is about to happen.   I'm going for the award of "Autistic Mother of the Year" so I'm trying to prepare him.  In the "autism world" preparation comes in the form of a "social story".  A social story is basically a story telling a person what is expected/going to happen/etc.  Before technology this would be quite laborious (how's that for your word-of-the-day?); however, thanks to technology, writing social stories are now quite easy...if you're good at technology...of which I am good enough to be dangerous.

I know I need to prepare The Boy, and the experts say the best way is through a social story.  So I open up Keynote (the Mac version of PowerPoint) and create my genius story.  Visualize this:

Slide 1: A picture of our current house and Aaron's current bedroom with a big red "x" through them and the caption: "Mom and Dad want a bigger house."  (How materialistic is that..but I couldn't think of something better)...what next?  I'd better let him know that we're ALL moving...Slide 2: A picture of the new house..."Mom (I always come flows better), Dad, Cameron, Madison, Aaron, Pippin and Lucy (gotta make sure you include the dogs) are going to move in this house". Then comes Slide 3.  It's a picture of his therapist, McKenzie, and a picture of Chuck E Cheeses with the caption: "On moving day you will go to Chuck E Cheese with McKenzie..."and from that point on he doesn't give a rip about the rest of the story.  It doesn't even matter what comes next, because now all he's doing is looking at the slide with the picture of Chuck E Cheese on it!  He gets his shoes on and tries to drag me out of the house!  I'm trying to explain that he doesn't get to go until Friday.  As a pathetic substitution he scrolls through Google Images looking at different pictures of Chuck E Cheese.  I can only imagine what's going through his head right now--he doesn't care that we're moving, he wants Chuck E Cheese!

The beauty in all of this is that I get out of taking him to Chuck E Cheese!  (Sorry McKenzie) That place is like crack cocaine for kids!!  So in a sick way, I'm thankful that I'll be loading boxes and scrubbing toilets (although I'm trying to figure out a way to have Husband clean them), because that means I won't be at Chuck E Cheese.  McKenzie, if you're reading'll be have way more patience than I do!  :)