Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Acting like a typical child

I hate mornings.  There is nothing good about being up before 10:00.  Seriously.  Unfortunately Aaron and I don't agree on what an acceptable waking time is.  His idea is somewhere in the 7:00-7:30 range, which is outrageous.  What is even more unfortunate is that the bus arrives about 8:45, and what is even MORE unfortunate than that is that Husband is out of town for the week so I have to get out of bed early.  (I am fortunate that he gets up and helps get Aaron off to school...I need to remember to mention that to him the next time I talk to him..I'll put a reminder on my phone).  ANYHOW.  Tuesday mornings I have to get up early because he has his haircut at 8:00 AM (every week).  Wouldn't it figure that THE ONE MORNING WE HAVE SOMEWHERE TO GO Aaron doesn't want to wake up.  Seriously--why couldn't he do this on a Saturday?  Of course I was running behind because I wanted "just 5 more minutes" of sleep.  When I went into Aaron's room he wasn't awake (at 7:45 and we had to leave in 5 minutes).  So I turned the light on, sat down next to him, rubbed his back and said, "good morning", to which he replied, "night night" and pulled the covers over his head.  I thought this was hilarious, so I kept saying, "good morning" and he kept responding with, "night night".  I finally pulled the covers off of him so that he would maybe get up--which he did.  Luckily he slept in clothes last night so I grabbed his shoes and socks and got him in the car--we were only 5 minutes late.  Not bad!

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