Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Blogging in the bathroom

Hey that was catchy!
My last 5 minutes in pictures:
I'm sitting all cozy on the couch, eating instant mashed potatoes and wasting my life away on Pinterest (wow that sounds ghetto...where's the trailer park?) when I hear, "coh hewe" (come here). 
I look toward the voice and see a boy with goggles and no shirt.
Me: What do you want?
Aaron: I wah baff. (I want bath)
Me: What do you want? (I'm really asking this to put him off long enough to finish my faux potatoes)
Aaron (a little annoyed): Coh hewe. I wah baff tub.  Cawher. (Come here.  I want bathtub. Collar--his other way to tell me to come here).
Me: Ok, ok.  Just a second.
Aaron: Coh hewe.  Coh hewe. (Come here. Come here.  This time with more emphasis because apparently I didn't get it the first 10 times.)
I'm fully expecting him to be naked, but to my surprise he has his swim trunks and goggles on.  I'm beyond thrilled that he decided to come and get me to run a bath for him rather than just doing it himself! So I start the bath.
And in he goes.
Now that his bubbles are gone he's pouring water in his mouth.  Ick.
He's contained and I have a laptop, so I'll sit on the counter and play on Pinterest from here!

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