Saturday, January 21, 2012

Don't leave your bags unattended

You know how at the airport they tell you to not leave your bags unattended?  That rule should apply to our house as well.  Husband left on a business trip tonight.  This time he's going to be able to visit his sister, her husband, and our nephews while he's gone, so of course he had to buy the boys some treats from their Uncle Jason.  He went to the dollar store to get them some obnoxious, loud toys (sorry Bethany), and came home with some goods.  When he walked in the door Aaron saw that he was carrying a bag and immediately went over to see if there was anything for him.  He found some candy in the bag, so he tried to steal it.  Husband gave in and gave him a package of candy, and off went a happy boy--but not before he saw me put the remaining contents of the bag into the suitcase.  So when he saw the suitcase unsupervised, it was more temptation than he could bear.  From the other room I heard the sound of a zipper and just knew what was happening.  He was starting to rummage through the suitcase before I stopped him!  When I got to him he gave me this look as if to say, "what"?  :)  I told him to stay out of the suitcase, and he did....for a minute.

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