Friday, September 2, 2011

Back to school

**First of all--Aaron chose his first day of school shirt.  Talk about appropriate.  I bought it for my other son because he's a drummer, but red really isn't his color, and apparently he's too cool for it.  So Aaron got it instead.  I was laughing when I laid out his shirt choices and he picked Animal!!!**

I saw on someone's Facebook post that Mother's Day shouldn't be in May, but on the first day of school.  I'm wondering what steps need to be taken to get that changed. Who wants to join me in the change?  The first day of school is a different day for me.  On the one hand I homeschool my two older kids (currently in 7th and 8th grade)--so it's not like I have this ultimate freedom of uninterrupted "me" time.  It's a LOT of work teaching two middle school kids, but it is rewarding, and it gives them a chance for some "mom" time without their brother.   I know, I'm crazy for homeschooling my kids--but in addition to being an advocate for a kiddo with autism, it is also my mission to get the word out that you don't have to wear a jumper and have hair down to your waist to homeschool your kids.  :)  NOT THAT THERE'S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT.  (Sorry if I've offended any jumper-wearing-homeschool moms out there).  On the other hand, Aaron is back in school, and that means I have from 8:42-3:34 to turn my "Aaron ears" off.  No worrying about anything getting broken/dumped/ruined.  So this year to celebrate Aaron's first day of school I met a friend for Starbucks and then headed home to educate the future of our society (scary huh?).  I decided that after the summer I had, I deserved a nap.  Right?  So I left the education of the future of our society in the hands of the 12 and 13 year-olds (even more scary) AND I TOOK A NAP.  It felt sooooooo good.  A nap where I didn't wake up to the smell of sulfur--true story.  (A few years ago I accidentally fell asleep on the couch during the day, and woke up to Aaron LIGHTING MATCHES, BLOWING THEM OUT, FLAPPING HIS HANDS BECAUSE OF THE SMOKE,  PUTTING IT ON THE COUCH AND THEN DOING IT ALL OVER AGAIN.  Needless to say we don't keep matches in the house anymore).  A nap where I didn't wake up to shaving cream everywhere.  A nap of sweet, sweet bliss.  I didn't want to wake up--but I did.  Aaron came home from school, had his afternoon therapy, and we enjoyed a pleasant evening.  I didn't hear how his first day of school went, but I didn't get a report of him biting anyone and he didn't have any bite marks on himself, so I'd call it a success!  The school year brings a whole different set of challenges, but for now I'm going to enjoy a few days of reprieve.  I was going to say a few days of quiet, but that isn't true--I get to hear the sweet sweet sound of homeschool kids tortured by their mother--it's so hard starting school at 9:00 9:30 (especially when the public school kids have to start at 7:40).  I almost feel sorry for them--almost.

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