Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fun in the sun

How many of you got to see a pregnant pygmy goat today?  I thought so!  These are the kind of people we hang with!  In addition to all of the fun we had today, I have to say I am so proud of my guy.  Today we went to some friend's house for the day.  I didn't think he would make it--but I think he actually had fun.  He got to hang out in the pop-up tent trailer (thank goodness he didn't get naked), he roasted a marshmallow, fell off of a bike, and stepped on sticker bushes!  He got to play on his iPad and run around the yard.

I think the highlight of Aaron's afternoon was the fire.  He knows that fire is hot, so he doesn't get too close to it.  But he just can't help himself.  So he spent a good amount of time taking paper plates and throwing them in the fire one by one to watch them turn into smoke.  Once I realized he was taking clean paper plates I made him stop.  So he ended up taking paper towels, tearing them square by square and throwing them into the fire.  Most of the time he would miss, so he would go pick it up and try again.  At first I wanted him to stop, but then I realized that he was:
1. occupied
2. entertained
3. quiet
What more could a mother ask for?  So I told my friends I owed them a roll of paper towels, and let him go at it.  Someone suggested we let him have a roll of toilet paper and he could be entertained for hours--ripping off one square at a time!!  We never got to that point, and I THINK they still had some paper towels left, but I know what I'm getting my friends for Christmas!  :)  Thanks for a great Sunday afternoon guys!

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