Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cheez-It troubles

I needed to go to the grocery store this afternoon.  Since the weather was nice I decided that Aaron, Daughter and I would take a little walk.  Whenever I take Aaron to the grocery store we have to get chicken strips from the deli, a doughnut, and a box of Cheez-Its.  Over the years his choice flavor has changed.  (Since when did they make10 different flavors of Cheez-Its?)  Of course I don't know when this change happens--it just does, and suddenly he doesn't want to eat the box of crackers I just bought him.  That means I have to eat them, and I DON'T need those calories!  So if I don't get the right flavor it not only means I have one unhappy autistic kid on my hands, it also means 5 pounds on my hips--so I'd better get it right.  Which is why I let him pick them out.  Oh--and I've tried to sneak the generic on him--that was a mistake.  That was worse than getting him the wrong flavor of the name brand!  It turns out if you put the generic brand in the name brand box--he knows you've messed with him, and it's not good.  So I stopped doing that one.  Anyhow, his current flavor is Cheddar Jack (which I am thankful for because I think they are gross, so I'm not tempted to eat them).  So when we went down the cracker aisle, and there were no boxes of Cheddar Jack...not good.  The humming started.  In my most positive voice I'm saying, "Uh oh, they don't have any of the kind you want.  How about this one?" and I would hand him a box.  He would promptly push them away, and I would move on to the next flavor.  This sucks.

After staring at the crackers for a while, and me rummaging through them to make sure there weren't any hiding in the wrong spot, I gave up.  I told him, "They don't have any Cheddar Jack.  You'll have to pick a different one."  So he flipped his eyelids and grabbed two different flavors.  He went back to one of his original favorites--White Cheddar (DANG IT!  I LOVE that flavor!  Not going to get on the scale anytime soon), and branched out with a Four Cheese box as well (I hope he likes them and I don't).
Because he's Aaron, he made me keep my sunglasses on in the grocery store (every time I tried to take them off he put them right back on my eyes, nearly poking them out), and he had to wear his hat off to the side.  So he's now an autistic gangsta.  Sweet.  I love going out in public in a small town!  Only one more hour until wine night and Project Runway with my friend!  I'm counting it down!


  1. Maybe between your sunglasses and his hat, it just looked like he is the next teen rap sensation and you're his agent and you were stocking up for his "green room" on tour. I LOVE Project Runway too :)

  2. LOL...I love the "autistic gangsta" :) And oh yeah, white cheddar cheez-its are crazy good! I am not even going to mention how many boxes of those I have eaten in my life!