Friday, August 5, 2011


...more days until school starts!  Not that I'm counting or anything.  Ok, maybe I have been checking the school district website daily to find out when the first day of school is--guilty as charged.  (Our teacher's union was finalizing negotiations or something like that, so we didn't know when school was going to start in the fall--until TODAY!!!)  The only bummer to that is I have 26 days to plan a school year for my other two!!!  Anyhow, I'm praying that the next 26 days fly by.  I hesitate writing anything before Aaron goes to bed; however, I need to get some stuff done after he's asleep, so I'm going to take the chance.  (Although the last time I did that it didn't work out so well.) 

Our day started out strong, but as soon as I decided to wash the windows, Aaron decided to wash the bathroom with shaving cream--again.  It's kind of boring even writing it.  I happens so often.  Yet, here I am--again--writing about shaving cream.  When I came in from window washing the outside, I decided to check on Aaron and found this:

AAHHHHHHHH....anyhow.  Today he knew how displeased I was at the mess he made, and he spent some "quality time" in his bedroom while I cleaned up (and for a little bit afterwards).  Anyhow, I cleaned it up and later that evening Husband decided to take me to dinner.  Very nice.  No one ended up dying :).  When we got home Aaron was on the computer with an open bottle of Dr. Pepper next to him.  I moved the liquid to where it belongs so that the computer wouldn't be ruined!  Safety first.  I'm ready for bed!  Oh wait--I have a ton of laundry to do because "SOMEONE" decided to play in my bathroom and now I don't have a shower curtain...

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