Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"I've got good news and I've got bad news"

Daughter and I went away for two nights to a cute little town in Washington.  She is such a big helper with her brother and carries a big burden with him, so she needed a little R & R.  So we packed up and left the boys behind while we had some fun.  I checked in throughout our trip, and no "incidents" were reported--until today--the last day--a few hours before we were going to come home.  Husband calls and says, "I've got good news, and I've got bad news."  Crap!  My brain starts going crazy (faster than he is able to talk), and before he's able to get anything out I've concluded that it's all okay because he said there was good news.  So the conversation goes something like this:

Husband: I have good news and I have bad news.
Me: Uh oh, what happened?
Husband: Wellllllll the bad news is (long pause)
Me: Just tell me!!!
Husband: Aaron got into some paint on the deck and it's splattered everywhere. Other son and I tried to clean it up the best we could, but there is still paint on the deck.  Oh, and he got paint on the dogs.
Me: What paint?
Husband: White paint.
Me: From WHERE?
Husband: Well, that's the good news.
Me: (In my head) Huh?
Husband: I painted the laundry room for you.
Me: Thank you (in a genuinely sincere tone).  So how did he get into the paint?
Husband: Well, I went to do something and I put the paint out on the deck for a minute.  I go back into the room to work on something and I hear other son say, "Aaron Reid, no sir".  (The paint was literally only out there for 5 minutes.)  I know that's not a good sign so I went out there to see Aaron covered in paint.  We hosed him off in the grass and tried to clean the deck off the best we could.
Me: Oh well, we were planning on pressure washing it this weekend anyway, hopefully it'll come off.

This picture does not do the paint job justice.  It's all over her ears and the other side of her!

Pippin got away with one spot on his forehead!

Fast forward to this evening.  I get home and there is Aaron--naked with a blanket cape on, sitting at the computer with a bag of Cheetoes spilled all around him.  The bag of sugar is out and has some sort of liquid poured into it.  Aaron runs to the bag of sugar and scoops out some of the gooey sugary mess.  The dog follows him to his chair, and licks the sugar off of him after he's smeared it all over his body.  (I guess he knows how good a sugar scrub is for your skin).  I go to the backyard to assess the damage (of course after saying hi).  Husband neglected to tell me that Aaron made hand prints on the deck bench as well.  As promised, the dogs were painted, with Lucy taking the brunt end of the painting.  I then walk into my bathroom, and it's obvious that Aaron has had fun with Q-tips and shaving cream in my bathroom while older brother was "watching" him. 

When I ask how the rest of the weekend went, I get the report that Aaron decided to mix sun tea and milk (and then throw the tea bags down the sink)....but other than that he was fine.  :)  I'm trying to decide if I'm ready for another "vacation" yet! Oh--and while we were there we went to the famous taffy shop and I picked up some banana taffy.  :)

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