Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Rip Rider

Life has been crazy over the past couple of days as we have put our house on the market and have made an offer on another one, so I've been cleaning, and doing this whole "staging" thing--which is basically lying to people who come into your house.  My house NEVER looks like it currently looks--there is WAY more crap and dirt!  But my house is super clean, and the extra crap is in a storage unit just waiting to be put into a new house.  :)  Anyhow--not sure where I was going with that. 

On with today's story!  This afternoon I decided that I was going to tackle the garage a bit, so I would have Aaron go in the front and ride his Rip Rider around the cul-de-sac while oldest son watched him.  I ended up watching him because he got into this whole routine thing that was funny to watch.  First he would ride part way up the neighbor's driveway (it's not steep, but it's got a slope) and then the rest of the driveway he would walk the trike up with it in between his legs.  Then he would come flying down the driveway and make a turn down the street.  He would go down as far as he could push it to the end of the street and then crash (on purpose) into the curb, hop off the trike and lay down in the grass like a super model.  Then he would throw some grass around, get back on the trike and ride back, parking his trike next to a really nice Audi (NOT mine--I wish) to check out his reflection in the freshly waxed car.  (Meanwhile I'm praying that he doesn't scratch the car up because that would be expensive).  He would flip around and then do the whole routine again.  Over and over and over and over and get the idea.  Finally he got tired of doing that, and Aaron left the Rip Rider in the middle of the street so he could go back into the house.  I got on it and started riding it back to the house (hey it's a fun little trike--you should Google it).  Aaron saw me riding it and started running behind me.  He grabbed my hair to pull the pony tail out of it (stinker), and while I was stopped he figured I may as well give him a ride.  So he plopped himself on top of me (I'm pretty sure we exceeded the weight limit at this point) and tried to get me to go.  At 5' 2" (ok 5' 1.5") I'm a little too tall for the thing, so you put the both of us on and it's not a good thing.  On top of that, the big warning label on the trike says "Must wear a helmet and shoes"--of which neither of us possessed.  We were quite the sight--so much so that my oldest decided to take a picture of us for your viewing pleasure.  He thought it was all fun and games until he started riding the trike and I had Aaron sit on HIS lap.  Then he didn't think it was so funny, and kept complaining that "he couldn't breathe" or some nonsense like that.  I just said, "it doesn't feel so good, does it?"  and then made Aaron get off.   :)  Good times! 

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