Sunday, August 14, 2011

Baby steps

I showed our house today twice AND had friends come over for dinner.  In between the two showings is when Aaron got into the bubbles (earlier post of the day), and in between the second showing and dinner is when Aaron got into.....wait for it...

I called "not it" so Husband got to do clean up on this one.  Actually, I was making dinner and he was hungry, so as not to delay his meal, Husband took pictures and cleaned up the mess.  Friends showed up, and while they were here Aaron did two pretty awesome things: 

1.  He actually got on the trampoline while other kids were jumping on it.  For those of you who don't know Aaron, this is a REALLY BIG deal.  First of all, he didn't know these kids, and there were 4 of them on there.  If he is on the trampoline first and other kids come on, he'll just get off.  So the fact that he went on the trampoline with kids already on there--that's pretty cool. 

2.  While friends were here, he decided to put this plastic tub on his head and walk around.  You can't see anything through it, so he was knocking into things--ha ha.  Then he decided to sit in it.  Well, I was watching him and he was trying to roll the tub over and couldn't.  It was pretty funny, especially when I realized he was stuck (I know, that's mean--don't care).  That's what he gets for making a mess with the bubbles and shaving cream!  :)  Anyhow, I looked at him and asked him if he needed help and he said, "help!".  So I sent Husband over to get him out.  I'm now thinking of ways to integrate the tub into our daily life.  Some people may have a time-out chair, well I have a time-out tub!  If I need to go to the bathroom and I think he may get into trouble--I'll just have him sit in the tub until I'm done.  I could see this working. 

Finally, most parents don't want their children to tell them to "go away".  Although I would argue, that most parents secretly don't mind when their children tell them to go away--they didn't want to be around their stinky attitudes anyway.  But that's not what this is about.  Apparently Husband was in Aaron's space.  He was snuggling with him before bed, and Aaron had had enough.  He pushed him and said "go away".  Rather than having hurt feelings, we're pretty much high-fiving each other.  Now that's messed up!

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