Thursday, August 4, 2011

Silly boy

For as naughty as Aaron is, I am blessed to have an affectionate boy!  He loves to be tickled, and will often come up to you and say, "more tickle" in this super cute voice.  I was up early this morning (um, that would be 6:00 am--I am NOT a morning person).  So this afternoon I was laying face down, dreaming about sleeping, when I hear Aaron walk into my room.  He climbs on the side of the bed has this evil giggle and then body slams me!

I won't disclose my weight because I don't care to be humiliated in front of a lot of people, but I can disclose Aaron's, and he comes in at probably 110lbs.  A friend who hadn't seen him in a bit says to me yesterday, "man, he bulked up"--the nice way of saying "man, your kid got fat".  Yes, he weighs double his 12 year-old sister.  He could stand to lose a few pounds.

Anyhow,  after he body slams me, he just stays laying on top of me laughing and then kind of bounces just to make it a little worse.  He can be particular about the way I wear my hair, and today I had it up.  So, it had to come down--which meant he had to pull the rubber band out of my hair, and that never feels good.  I have to watch him when he takes my hair down because a couple of times he's flushed my hair clips down the toilet.  Yeah--for reals.  After he takes my ponytail down (and I quickly grab the rubber band from him before he flushes it), he has to arrange my hair "just so".  Then he turns my head, body slams me again and presses his cheek up against mine.  He can see us in the mirror so he's making all of these faces and being super cute.  He gets tired of this, so he tells me "come here" and drags me off of the bed.  My closet doors are mirrored, so he gives me a hug and then tries to jump up.  How can I resist that?  He's my baby.  So I do a, "1, 2, 3 jump!", and then lift with my legs!  :)  He wraps his legs around my waist like a boa constrictor and then starts using the wall to push us in the direction he wants to go.  We play that game for a while until my sister comes over and I tell him to jump on her.  She couldn't lift him--wuss--and everyone thinks she's stronger than me....(oops, she's probably going to read this and then beat me up).  So I pick him back up and he "pushes" us to a chair.  He doesn't let go and just keeps looking at us in the mirror.  He flips my eyelids and I'm trying to make sure I walk away with the crappy eye sight I currently have.  I figure crappy eye sight is better than none.  Can you imagine being blind with an autistic child?  Just found something else to be thankful for!!!  But I digress.  He eventually gives me a big kiss on the lips and then a kiss on the cheek while watching us in the mirror--then just runs away.  It was about the cutest thing ever!

A few other things on his list for today: shaving cream in my bathroom (of course--no day would be complete without a little shaving cream), chewing a popsicle stick and getting it caught in his throat, letting that same popsicle melt on the NEW FLOOR and STAIN it ORANGE (I love Magic Erasers) , convincing Husband to jump with him on the trampoline in exchange for a kiss (Aaron, not me), and finishing off the night by jumping on the trampoline with a red inner tube around his waist.

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  1. Hey Danica, I have another one for you to be thankful for. I have a friend who has an 11 year old with autism and Down's syndrome, and they are still working on potty training. Boy do you two need prayer!