Monday, August 29, 2011

When there's a will there's a way

This kid will stop at nothing for freedom.  Tonight the three kids and I went over to some dear friends' house for dinner.  The kids were going swimming, and I brought a laptop (with headphones so I didn't have to listen to the same 3 second clip over and over again) for Aaron to watch videos when they were done.  It was a perfect plan.  He would get to swim and then watch videos, and I could have some adult conversation.  The house has two exits--the front door and the sliding glass back door.  I thought I was so smart--we pushed a chest up against the front door so he couldn't get out.  How's that for good friends?  In my wildest dreams nightmares I never imagined that I'd go over to someone's house for dinner and say, "Hey, do you have anything we could push in front of your door so that my kid won't escape.  Yeah, I know he's 10."  Anyhow, after blocking the front door we decided to sit at the dinner table in front of the sliding glass door.  He couldn't get out because both exits were blocked right?  Wrong.

I positioned myself so I could see him if he went down the hallway, but the stinker is QUIET.  I think he waited at the corner of the wall, waited for me to look down at my glass of wine and then tiptoed down the hall.  The next thing I know, Daughter and her friend come running in yelling, "Get Aaron, he's got his head out the window and is trying to jump out!!!"  WHAT?  We start looking for him in the bedrooms, and sure enough there he is, on top of a bunk bed, trying to get out of the window (that is at the top of the ceiling by the way)!  I got him down, but he kept trying to sneak back in there.  Finally my friend took the knob off of the door so he couldn't get into the room.  How's that for a friend?

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