Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The dogs are good for something

Husband doesn't like animals.  Well, he says he likes animals, just other people's animals--he doesn't want any.  Well you can imagine how much he LOVES our two golden retrievers!  One of our dogs is 10 months old, and she's still a little on the crazy side.  She likes to bark, which drives all of us crazy.    However, last night it was a good thing...

We put Aaron to bed with a movie that he wanted to watch, and Husband, the other two kids, and I decided to watch Hoodwinked Too.  I ended up falling asleep partway through the movie, but woke up when the dogs started barking like crazy outside.  I got up to bring them in the house so they would be quiet.  What were they barking at?  Someone who was outside at 10:00 at night when he should have been in bed and didn't come out of his bedroom door?  If you have half a brain you've figured out who it is; but at this point I need to take you back in time.

A couple of years ago I woke up one morning to find Aaron not in his bed.  We had already put a lock on the outside of his door to keep him from getting out of his room in the middle of the night (because it had been a problem and none of us were sleeping).  We also had this contraption on his window so that he couldn't get out of the window, but if there was an emergency the fire department could have broken the window and gotten in.  (I put that part in for all of the people that freak out because "what if a fire happened and he was trapped in his room....".)  Well a lot of safety decisions are made in my house based not on fire, but rather Aaron escaping.  Anyhow, the contraption worked great until Aaron figured it out.  So I woke up one morning and Aaron was gone.  His door was locked so he couldn't have gotten out that way, and his window was wide open with the screen gone.  I ran outside and there was Aaron, wrapped in his blanket, asleep on the trampoline.  I kind of lost it with that one.  (He also escaped out his bedroom window at night when he was 3 at another house we lived in, but we were still up and saw him peeking in through the sliding glass door).  Needless to say we came up with another window solution. 

Fast forward to yesterday.  Since we showed the house we decided to take down our current Aaron window lock down so that people could open the window (and not wonder "what the heck is this here for?").  Well I'm pretty sure Aaron can read my mind.  Actually I'm positive he can read my mind.  I was closing his window last night before I put him to bed and thought to myself (which apparently I should stop thinking), "We need to put his lock thingie back up or he's going to get out the window in the middle of the night.  We're lucky he hasn't figured out that it's not on there."  But did I do anything with those thoughts?  Uh--nope!

So here the story comes full circle.  The dogs are outside barking.  I wake up from my sleep on the couch and go outside to yell at them.  The reason the dogs were barking though is because there was Aaron--sitting on a shelf outside with only underwear (at least he had those on!) and a blanket cape.  Needless to say the window contraption is back up and Aaron slept in his room last night.

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