Friday, July 29, 2011

Eye Glasses and the Skating Rink

Last night my good friend came over for our weekly wine and trash tv night.  There was no trash tv so we had to just drink the wine and talk.  We usually aren't at my house, but because of childcare situations, my house it was.  One of the "rules" for our mommy juice evening is that the mommies come in jammies, glasses and no makeup.  So when my friend walks in with her glasses on, and I have my glasses on-it throws Aaron off a bit.  At this point it's time to do musical glasses.  He puts her glasses on, then takes mine off and gives them to her.  Then he puts hers on me, so neither of us can see!  We tried to sneakily trade glasses, but he caught us and made us put them on the wrong person.  It was pretty funny to see how adamant he was about the whole thing!  We were able to put him to bed and get down to business!
These are my glasses--he doesn't actually wear glasses...

 Today we were invited to go roller skating.  I am so glad that I went against my better judgement and brought Aaron with me.  We were meeting some other "homeschool friends", and I get to enjoy some social time while our kids are "socializing" (for all of you paranoid people out there who think homeschoolers aren't socialized).  Anyhow.  I decided to take Aaron with us just to see what would happen.  He's been to the roller rink one other time, but it didn't work out so well.  But, hey, I'm a glutton for punishment (and my neighbor brought me a sugar free raspberry red bull, so I had some energy!)  Armed with his headphones in hand, off we went.  To my surprise he put on the roller skates and held onto the edge of the rink for dear life!  The best thing about him on roller skates is that he can't get away fast!  Wah ha ha ha!  I have the upper hand.  Well for most of it.  He was still able to get into two different "Employee Only" doors, but the owner was very gracious and didn't kick us out.  Bringing a kid in with these big old headphones and flapping hands helps your sympathy case out.  :)  Anyhow, other than him "bolting" (as fast as his skate legs would take him) to the candy (which he got because he asked so nicely, and then I threw in a pop just because I was feeling generous), and going behind doors he wasn't supposed to, oh and sitting down in the middle of the rink...he did GREAT!  And I have to give Kudos to my kids' friends who pitched in when Aaron needed help.  Even though I didn't get to sit and chat with my friends as much as I wanted to, considering I had Aaron with me, I did just fine.  I'm so blessed to have a group of friends who understand, and then laugh their butts off at me because I've got a killer caffeine high!  At the end of the skating, little homeschool "relationships" were blossoming, and we have the pictures to prove it!  Luckily Aaron won't be subjected to this part of adolescence (I hope!)  Also at the end Aaron had pulled his death grip away from the side and ventured into the middle of the rink where the lights were pretty.  All and all--a successful outing!  Yay!  Tomorrow is a cleaning day, so wish me luck.  Anyone want to come and get him for a couple of hours so we can press through?  :)  Enjoy your weekend!

Aaron and his sister

Aaron's brother taking him to the restroom--isn't he sweet holding his hand?

Starting to veer away from the wall

The music was a little loud, but he didn't want his headphones on.

A smile (that's his smile)

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