Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mommy to the rescue

My Mommy that is.  :)  Out of the blue my mom calls me today to see if I wanted a little break from the little monster.  Uh--DUH.  After making sure she wasn't dying or needing to be committed to a mental institution, I said of course!  (Although I don't think a confirmation of either of those would have changed my answer).  I had a friend over (yes, again) so it would be awesome to visit with her without having to get up every 22 seconds to check on Aaron.  I hang up and go to get him a change of clothes and a swimsuit (she's crazy enough to offer to take him to the beach).  Of course while I'm doing that he finds a tube of Neosporin and squeezes the entire tube into the bathroom sink then tries to wash it off with the remainder of the hand soap (the stuff that he didn't manage to get out yesterday).  If she could have driven a little faster.  Neosporin is a greasy, nasty mess that doesn't clean up easily, so I don't recommend you let your kids play with it--just sayin'.  I'm going to put partial blame on husband for this one because he's the one that left the tube out.  At this point my friend is laughing at me (she did therapy with Aaron for 6 years, so she KNOWS)--which is just awesome.  Thanks Tristan.

The break was awesome, and from the looks of her pictures, it looks like he had fun.  He played in the hose, and then they went to the beach where he decided to walk far out and swim.   Grum(p) :) sent two guys out there to fetch him because he wouldn't come back when she told him to.  Stinker.  I think he had fun :).  20 more minutes until bedtime--until then he gets to play 3 seconds of the "Chicken Dance" from Jimmy Neutron on YouTube over and over and over and over and over....never mind--I'm going to go clean up some sugar he just dumped.  Thanks again Mom!  I love you!
Saying "cheese" for the camera

Out in the Puget Sound...I know Mom is glad she didn't have to go out there to get him!


  1. You are welcome hon....sorry he is such a must have done something bad as a kid to get one like him :)
    Glad he is safe and sound......

  2. Of course she didn't do anything bad as a kid, Jackie! That would imply that I did as well, and I was an angel :)

    Danica, my love, you ROCK! You are 3x the mother that I am, and IMHO I am amazing :) Miss you, but getting to read your blog makes me feel like we are closer than 2 states (and one of them rather large!) apart. Lots of love!