Sunday, July 17, 2011

Breakfast of champions

I had the usual shaving cream incident to post yesterday (again to his ears), but we are ripping up and laying down some new flooring, so my entire house is pretty much a disaster (the kitchen is in the living room) and I was too tired to post.  So even though I didn't post yesterday, he still had a shaving cream kind of day.  Because we were working on a housing project yesterday I locked the bathroom door so we wouldn't have any "incidents" with bathroom products.  Well I locked one of the bathroom doors--the one with the shaving cream, but my sweet daughter had unlocked it and didn't lock when she was done.  That's where we get into trouble in this house--not locking things up.

This house is a somewhat fortress.  The front door and the garage door both have keypad locks to get in and out.  We were able to get away with those baby locks for a long time, but last summer Aaron figured out how to bypass those, and ended up going into a garage and knocking a neighbor's $35,000 Harley Davidson over.  Police showed up.  That sucked.  Bad.  So anyhow, we got these nifty locks installed that you have to put a code in.  The problem, once again, is you have to close the door behind you in order for them to work.  (These are pretty cool and lock as soon as the door closes.)  This really isn't a problem with the front door, but for some reason it is difficult with the garage door.  So this morning I let Aaron out of his room and lay back down "for 5 more minutes".  I hear the garage door close, which means Aaron is in the garage because the door wasn't closed.  I'm tired, but apparently I'm a parent so I have to get up and see what's going on.  Besides, getting up now is easier than getting 20 more minutes of half-sleep only to get out of bed and have to spend an hour cleaning up whatever he decided to get in to.  So out to the garage I go, and sure enough, there's Aaron sitting on the cold, cement garage floor, naked, eating Fruit by the Foot.  I tell him to get in the house, and he quickly grabs 5 more, and a box of Pop Tarts and goes running into the house.  Breakfast of champions.  I take away all of the junk food (until he says "I want Pop Tart" and then I give in to that request) and tell him to get dressed. 

He's also decided that clothes should be optional today.  It's not cool when you have company over and they say, "uh, Aaron's naked".  It's really not cool when they have to do it so many times that I lose count!  For whatever reason today his clothes kept falling off!  Ugh!  Lots of lessons in humility for me, and anatomy for my friends.  It's rough to be my friend!  It's also not cool when he pees of the deck for the neighbors AND your company to see.  I'm so proud.

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  1. Hum....still like the idea of painting clothes on him...that way it wouldn't be as noticeable ;)
    Poor baby is staving.....5 fruit by the foot and pop tarts? way to go aar