Monday, July 18, 2011

Chicken skin

Aaron pretty much likes anything that's not good for him, and dislikes things that make him healthy (although most kids are like that I suppose).  One of the things Aaron likes is chicken skin from rotisserie chickens--which I will agree is pretty delicious.  Our flooring project still wasn't finished, so the kitchen was in the living room and we had to eat dinner crammed in the living room.  Aaron kept stealing chicken skin when he saw his opportunity.  I told him he needed to eat his dinner, so he started eating the rest of the chicken on his plate, but while doing that he gave us dinner and a "show".  He lifted his shirt, bellied-up to the table, grabbed his chubby belly, put it on top of the table and swayed back and forth.  It was a little disturbing.  Luckily the friends that were helping us put the flooring down just laughed, and they're good enough friends that I didn't need to be mortified.

I bought two rotisserie chickens when I went to Costco so we could have one for dinner tonight, and another one for lunches.  I went into the kitchen this evening, and Aaron had gotten into the remaining chicken and taken all of the skin off of the chicken!  I guess he knew I didn't need the extra fat!  Way to take one for the team Aaron!  He also took all of the M & M's out of the trail mix while he was at it!  Bummer!!!


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