Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cleaning in vain

Given the events of yesterday, I was hoping for a quiet day.  Ha ha.  Actually, I'm not going to complain (well maybe a little).  I decided to wear makeup and clothes without paint and holes in them--just in case.  Luckily I didn't need them.  Wait, that didn't come out right.  I needed clothes on, it just turns out I could have had my white trash outfit on for part of the day.  Although if I had done that then maybe my day would have turned out differently.  Anyway, I needed to clean my house for dinner company.  I got the floor swept, and started making progress when I went back to my room for something.  I hadn't gotten to the kitchen yet, which meant I hadn't cleaned up the 10lb bag of sugar off of the counter.  That means that probably a half pound of sugar ended up on the computer desk, keyboard and floor (within 2 minutes).  Of course I was barefoot, so that meant sugar was all over my feet.  At that point I gave up.  I texted my dinner company the following message: "I'm apologizing now for the condition of my house!", and then I walked out the door (with Aaron of course).  I drove to McDonalds to take advantage of the $1 any size drink, and downed a large Dr. Pepper.  We went for a drive because in the car he couldn't make a mess.  With some caffeine in me and a couple of hours in the car, I was ready to go home and have a great visit with some good friends--of which we did.  Aaron is in his bed for the night, so I think it's safe to change into some pj's.  :)

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