Saturday, July 2, 2011

Getting through summer

Every month I get the "ARC Calendar of Events" in my email, which is basically a list of the different events/classes/support groups for people with disabilities and their families. So this morning I got the July email and was looking through to see what I don't have time to attend when this caught my attention:

July 25thSASSIE (Snohomish Autism Spectrum Support Information & Education),Glenna Clouse “Discussion on Strategies To Get Through The Summer”;7-8:30pm.

I actually laughed out loud to myself! I love listening to Glenna, she's amazing. Here's my problem--July 25th??? Summer is almost over--well it's close to the hump anyway! I think I'm going to call the ARC and tell them that next year they should do this, say in MAY when all of the parents have energy and are thinking either one of two things (or both) "This summer is going to be different--I'm going to have the energy to keep my child entertained and we're going to have a great summer. I can't wait to hear her ideas" OR "Oh crap--summer is almost here--what am I going to do? Maybe they'll give me some good coping skills". I shouldn't be so hard on them! I love the people there and I should be thankful that someone is taking the time to help. I wonder if there is child care provided, because if so I just might need a night off???

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