Friday, July 1, 2011

Up to speed

For those of you who have asked.... here is a blog about the adventures of Aaron raising his family to have a better sense of humor and a little more patience (which by the way, I strongly recommend against praying for patience). You won't believe some of these stories, but I promise you they have all happened to me courtesy of Aaron. Summer time is an especially awesome time because Aaron is out of his routine of school, so he has a little bit of extra "free time" on his hands to get into things. Now before you go judging my parenting and the inability to keep my kid out of stuff, you need to understand something...if you do not have a child with special needs, you have no idea! Do you ever need to go to the bathroom or fix dinner or settle an argument between two other siblings (not that I ever have to do that one...cough) or take a shower or answer the phone that was left in another room or answer the it turns out--these are prime opportunities that Aaron takes advantage of--it's like he waits for them. I have ears that know what a toilet flushing is supposed to sound like (and what it ISN'T supposed to sound like) and what door in the house just closed. Some of the most frequent words uttered in our house are "What's Little Buddy (or more commonly known as Little Monster) doing?" Despite my awesome skills he still manages to get into things (DAILY)! Ok, I'm off the soapbox-for now.

People tell me all the time, "I don't know how you do it" (in my head I hear "Wow! You're awesome and I wish I was half the woman you are"-lol). My verbal response to them (with my sweetest smile) is, "Well I don't really have a choice" (and in my head I'm thinking "If you only knew!! But you're right, I totally rock"). I'm not going to lie, having a son with special needs is exhausting at times; however, this kid provides me with a ton of unreal stories. Luckily I have a warped sense of humor and have so far come out on the other end of each incident with another cool story.

But I digress....So this week I've been posting daily on Facebook what Aaron has managed to get into that day, and in one of the posts I confessed that because of his actions for that day (whatever they happened to be, I'll have to go back and look because they have all run together) I was sitting at the computer eating banana laffy taffy and drinking a glass of red wine. Nasty--FYI they don't pair well :) but that didn't stop me from continuing to shove my face with banana deliciousness and chase it with a sip of wine. I've been told I should write a book many times, and after that post a dear, dear friend told me I should call it Banana Laffy Taffy and Red Wine-so here I am. I have Charity to thank for such a catchy title :). So buckle up and enjoy my crazy life!

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  1. You ARE awesome!!!!!! I wish I was half the worman you are!!!! Seriously, I don't tell you enough...or hardly ever how proud I am of you and what you do with all your children. You shine as a mom! I know Aaron is trying and a pleasure...not necessarily at the same time. Having one 1/8% like him I kinda understand but know I could NEVER have been as patient as you are or as kind and loving.
    When you write that book you can dedicate it to me...from the person you didn't learn your mothering skills from ;)
    Love you lots
    ps...I told you about praying for patience....that is how I ended up with your siblings :)