Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Computer wars

Tonight Aaron wanted the computer that I was using to watch "Esther the Queen" (Veggie Tales).  He was already on a computer, and I had a bunch of tabs pulled up so I told him no.  He was very persistent, but alas, I have a stronger will (when I choose to exercise it).  Finally he grabs my hand and takes me to his bedroom.  He sits me down on his bed and then lays me down (by "gently" pushing me).  My heart is gushing as I'm thinking he's going to climb in there with me and want me to tickle him.  Nope!  He grabs a blanket and covers me all up nice and sweet, and then he walks out of his room and closes the door behind him.  I immediately get up (because I know what he's up to), but he was faster than me--he closed all of my tabs and was well on his way to watching Esther. 

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