Sunday, July 10, 2011


Aaron went about his day today deciding to combine sensory experiences.  Remember yesterday how I explained my mental flowchart?  I took my own advice from yesterday, decided to apply it today, and a huge mess was averted.  Just like yesterday, I was in the living room (not having a finances conversation--thank goodness!), and it was a little too quiet.  I decided to inspect, and sure enough, half of a can of shaving cream was in Aaron's hands.  Luckily I caught it before he flicked it everywhere.  I washed him up and had him spend a little time in his room.

Later on this afternoon he decided to give himself a sandbox spa treatment again, so there was mud everywhere.  Luckily he didn't use the toilet or his urine to wash off, and opted for the sink this time.  Yay!  Husband tried to get the camera in time to get the picture of the mud that was caked all over his face, but he was a little too quick.

Today's spa treatment

 He also decided to give our not-so-nice neighbors a show by peeing off the deck.  Ugh!  This is a multiple day occurrence that I'm trying to get rid of, but have so far been unsuccessful!  I think the solution is going to be moving to a place where 5 neighbors can't see into your backyard.  

The fun event of the day was Aaron telling husband  "I want bicycle".  Of course not only do we want to encourage his talking, it's also a bonus when he wants to do a physical activity.  So even though husband was exhausted, he took him out to ride his super cool, Razor caster trike (no bicycle for him--it would just give him a quicker mode of escaping transportation).  He called me out for backup because he was tired, so I obliged.  The door to the garage got left open, so puppy ran out there with them.  Stupid dog!  She doesn't come when you call her, rather goes bolting through the neighborhood.  Sweet!  (Side note--puppy is a 9 month old golden-irish--1/2 golden rertriever, 1/2 irish setter--her name is Lucy, but husband has nicknamed her Lucifer.  He's not a fan of dogs, let alone hyper, misbehaved puppies.)  Husband has Aaron, so I run into the house to get a treat to bribe the dog to come inside.  When I get back outside, Aaron is bolting (barefoot) to the next door neighbors house with Lucy at his side, and husband chasing them.  Aaron walks right on into their house, and Lucy goes tearing in.  Neighbors have a husky that was born the same day Lucy (what's funny is her name is Eve and the husband there calls her Evil--so there you have it).  I'm running behind husband, and when I catch up to them I walk into chaos.  Lucy and Eve are tearing around the house (they have play dates, so they're buddies), but for whatever reason Lucy is cranky so she's instigating a fight.  Aaron is running through their living room (either going for movies or heading for the food).  Needless to say it was crazy in there.  Luckily for me, these are the "cool" neighbors.  We're the same age, we both have kids, we hang out, they like Aaron, and they don't hate our dog.  (In fact we're texting as I write this).  We grab our dog by the collar and our son by the hand, say "hi, sorry, thanks, bye" and walk out the door.  Aaron still wants to "ride his trike", but that's not what he really wants to do, so we make him go inside, opting for messes over invading the neighbors.

This isn't today, but here he is zooming on the Razor

Lucy :)


  1. Poor Lucy...having to defend someone elses house against the occupants of it :)
    Wonder if Carrie will put a combo lock on her front door now? And if she will give you the code?????