Sunday, July 3, 2011

It's too early for this

I am NOT a morning person. (I also need 7-8 hours of sleep a night because of a medical condition.) I'm actually at my best from 12:00-12:30 in the afternoon, before and after that not so much... :). So when I go to bed at 12:30am because I can't fall asleep (playing Bejeweled has NOTHING to do with that), and Aaron is up at 5:11am--not cool. Now I know I could train my body to go to sleep earlier, but I don't want to! I enjoy the free time I have in the evenings. Call me selfish (I really don't care). So this scenario played out this morning. Aaron wakes up at 5:11-husband makes him go to the bathroom and puts him back to bed. He then rolls over to tell me he thinks that Aaron may have peed in his room somewhere, but he didn't look. Are you kidding me? Obviously you can see the problem with this; however, a piece of information you don't have is that 5 days ago we ripped up his flooring and laid down wood laminate from Costco. It's not supposed to get wet. So up I get, put my glasses on, and inspect the floor for urine. Great way to start the morning. Good news-no urine. I tell him goodnight, and to stay in bed, then I climb back into my warm bed. 5:30-bang bang bang-he's up again. This time it's my turn, and I really don't want to keep getting out of bed, so I tell him to get into my bed (secretly hoping he'll fall back asleep, even though I know how it's really going to play out). I drift back to partial sleep reminding myself that I need it. He starts inching his way down the bed, trying to get out through the end, which is met with me telling him to knock it off. He looks at me and says "computer". Fine. I want sleep and I figure he'll stay in my bed and play on the computer and I can get a little more sleep. He plays on the computer and waits for his opportunity until I'm out. He gets out and comes back in and says "popsicle". I say no. He walks away. I should have gotten up. I know better. But I didn't. When I finally did get out of bed I walked into a disaster. My sweetness had decided to help himself to popsicles anyway, leaving puddles of melting popsicles everywhere (table, kitchen floor, new laminate living room floor, counters, computer table). A popsicle isn't complete without dipping it in sugar first, so he found the 10lb bag of Costco organic sugar, and managed to spread that all over the same places, as well as the couch. I walk into the living room, my feet sticking to the floor because I accidentally stepped in a popsicle puddle and then into the sugar that was all over the floor. Awesome. So I get out the cleaning supplies and get to work, reprimanding myself (under my breath) for not getting up when I should have. Serves me right. Aaron makes himself scarce in his bedroom while I'm cleaning because he knows I'm less than pleased at the moment. While I'm cleaning up his mess I heard the bins of toys in his room go dumping everywhere. He decided to make another mess while I was cleaning the last one. This is what he does. I often wonder why I even try to clean. His room is still a disaster, but this mess I can make him clean. At least then I can be sure that he won't make another mess--I'll let you know how that works out for me. I'm really hoping this is my only post for the day.

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