Sunday, July 24, 2011

Being noisy at all of the wrong times!

You know how kids have perfect timing when it comes to making noise at the worst time?  Aaron is a master--church is an awesome example of this.  We'll be singing, the band is loud and Aaron sits there quietly, sometimes clapping along (if I make him)--but no noise.  The minute the music stops and prayer starts, it's time for Aaron to exercise his vocal chords.  It is so embarrassing!  You've got this kid making all of these different noises in a room that echos like no tomorrow--but only during prayer and the sermon!  I'll put my finger up to my lips and say "shh", and then he repeats it but 10 times louder, only to finish repeating it and then make some sort of high-pitched loud noise!  (Mind you this is the kid who talks really quiet when I ask him what he wants!)  I have to get up and walk out with EVERYONE watching (one of the many lessons of humility I am "blessed" with)!  I know the real reason he's doing it is so that he can go outside and drive the golf cart around the parking lot!  :)  Depending on who is on parking lot duty lets him ride around with them--and some of them let him operate the whole thing!  I guess I can't blame him--wouldn't any 10 year-old rather drive a golf cart than listen to a 40 minute sermon?

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