Friday, July 1, 2011


Today we picked up the older two from a week long camp "vacation". It was a 3 hour round trip drive, so I figured that was a total of keeping Aaron out of trouble for a good 4 hours--yay! Well of course 4 hours isn't enough. I don't know how many times you are going to hear about Aaron making mud--but that just happens to be one of his "things". Now before you say, "Oh, that's what boys do, they love to play in mud" blah blah blah blah blah. Yes, they do. BUT when they strip down to the birthday suit and the neighbors can see the goods covered in mud--it's not so cool (did I mention he's 10? neighbors generally frown upon naked 10 year-olds). Welcome to my world. SO we were going through another typical mud day which constitutes the following steps:

1. Get naked in the backyard.
2. Take a glass (yes, glass) from the kitchen sink, fill with water, take it outside and make mud.
3. Go back for a refill if necessary.
4. Smear the mud everywhere (yup even "there").
5. Run the mud-caked naked body back into the house to wash it off in one of three places: the kitchen sink, the bathroom sink, the toilet (notice that the bathtub isn't one of his preferred places?)
6. Run back outside and repeat (and repeat and repeat)

Today he added a new way to clean his body....I threw him in the shower (I didn't actually throw him, so put your phones down and don't call CPS-I used my words to tell him to get into the shower) and as the water was heating up (I was feeling generous with the water temperature-normally I would have made it unpleasantly cold-which unfortunately doesn't seem to phase him) I look over at him, and there he is peeing on his feet, watching the mud slide off, all the while flapping his hands with excitement. Seriously? UGH! I didn't use soap because I knew he was going to do it again, and quite frankly there wasn't any in there because he broke the last bar up and shoved it down the bathroom sink and I hadn't replaced it yet. Anyway, I of course was right, and away he went (with undies on) back to his happy mud-fest. In and out he went today getting muddy and then washing off in the toilet by submerging his feet and arms in the toilet--awesome.

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  1. Oh sweetie...this is book material!!!! Complete with pictures!